When and how often do I need to post on social media?

How often should you post on Social Media?

Managing your own Social Media is relatively simple these days. There’s a number of tools available to help you and even if you only have a smart phone or tablet, you can create content.

There is no actual right or wrong rule when it comes to how often you should post something. But realistically how much time do you have available?

But are you struggling to come up with ideas everyday?
Are you being a busy fool?

Creating content and wording takes time, yes you can just throw something together but you should really be thinking quality not quantity when it comes to posting. Your better to post 3 really good posts a week which engage well with your audience than be stressing to get something posted everyday. 

Make sure you post at peak days and times.

How often to post on social media

Save Time

Are you thinking that you need to improve your work life balance? Planning ahead and scheduling your content will save you lot’s of time in the long run.
Also if you spend a day brain storming and creating content you find your creative juices start to flow…..

How often to post on social media
How often to post on social media


1. Check your insights to see when your peak times are

2. Check your insights to see what posts have done best

3. Create something that will engage with your followers

4. Think about who your ideal audience is

5. Plan ahead & Schedule Content

6. Don’t think that you need to use every platform