Will I have to use you every week?

No you only need to use me as and when you need to.


Do we need to meet up regularly?

Probably not no, however it will depend on the task, some of my clients will leave me to it and just arrange a catch up call once in a while however other clients I need to speak to on a regular basis so we will schedule Zoom Call’s or meet up if we need to. I’m really flexible, it’s whatever works best for us both.

When do I pay my bill?

This will depend on the work that I’m doing for you. If I work throughout the month then you will be invoiced on the last day of the month and payment is required on the 1st of the following Month.
If I complete design work for you then I will invoice once the job is complete and expect payment within 7 days.

Have another question?

If you have any other questions, or want to find out how I can help you and your business, just get in touch.